14th April 2023

Mortgages Equity Release

It’s always an uphill struggle to shake off a chequered past and Equity release suffered its fair share of bad press in the 80’s and 90’s. The main reason was due to the lack of regulation resulting in poor consumer protection and products that didn’t function as they should.

So, what’s changed? Well, to begin with Equity release is now regulated by the FCA, meaning far greater protection for consumers. Today, the most popular type of equity release is called a Lifetime mortgage and the number of Lifetime mortgage lenders over the past decade has grown dramatically. This increased competition means that consumers have far more choice and, in my opinion has transformed lifetime mortgages into a much more flexible and attractive product.

Probably, the most routine question I get asked is about negative equity as many people have heard the horror stories of parents leaving large debts to family because the lifetime mortgage has grown larger than the house value. This is no longer an issue. Due to the introduction of the “No Negative Equity Guarantee” which prevents any negative equity scenarios arising.

How you release your equity is up to you! You can decide to take a one-off lump sum or you may prefer to take multiple smaller withdrawals. You can decide if you want to pay the interest off each month keeping the loan the same or have no mortgage payments at all and let the interest roll up.

Following this positive evolution, the popularity of Lifetime Mortgages has grown exponentially with many more people now using the equity trapped in their homes.

The most common uses are for home improvements, cover increasing living costs, clear interest only mortgages, provide income into retirement, passing on early gifts to loved ones or for IHT purposes.

The simple facts are if you are over 55 and own your own home you could be eligible for a Lifetime mortgage and release a tax-free lump sum to spend as you like.

If you don’t ask you don’t get! So why not utilise our free 1hour consultation. Every financial decision will have its pros and cons so getting impartial advice is key to helping you work out exactly if a Lifetime mortgage is right for you.


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Jeremy Poor DipPFS Cert CII (MP & ER)