16th November 2023

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Investing in uncertain times

Current economic conditions present financial challenges but where challenge lies so does opportunity.

Getting financial advice and making a long-term outlook is key to reaching your goals.

Here is your three – step plan:


  1. Get Financial Advice

Contact us for 1 hour’s free financial advice. Getting expert advice can help put your mind at ease, by taking the emotion out of investing and providing an objective view may be the best financial decision you ever make!


  1. Have a long-term financial plan.

Your money needs to be invested in the right place to recover in value and make a profit when markets go up. It’s important not selling an investment as a ‘knee jerk reaction’ to a fall in value. The key is to make a long-term investment plan and stick to it. Its time in the market, not timing the market that rewards investors.


  1. Make sure your investments are diversified.

It’s best to invest in a range of different places where your money has chance to grow, and to keep an emergency fund in cash but other investment types offer better growth potential and by spreading your money over different types of assets it’s possible to reduce risk.


For Independent Financial Advice contact us at Abacus Assurance on 01656 772222 or email info@abacusassurance.com – the first hour is free!