23rd January 2024


Carpe Diem – seize the day! You’ll thank yourself later.

Its’s never too early and its rarely too late but whatever you don’t procrastinate- If you save £500 per month (inflation linked) into your pension with 5% annual returns after 10 years you would have a fund worth £86,000. Over 15 years this is worth £156,000. Missing out on just 5 years of savings means you lose out on £70,000 due to compound interest.

The average person spends two decades in retirement and what you choose to do now dictates what you get to do later.

I’m not saying money can buy happiness but why work for so long and not to be able to enjoy financial freedom in retirement?

Having control now, over how your pensions are invested and finding out where some of them are hiding is so crucial to achieving the goal of a comfortable retirement.

Putting all your pensions together can save you money and give you the freedoms of control and choice over where your funds are invested and what they can do for the future you.

Where are your savings funds invested? Who is charging you what? These are important questions as it directly affects how you will live those 20 years.

What tax wrappers can you use? Maxed out your pension? there are other options, need access before age 55? there are options, low risk investor, higher risk investor? you have options, and you need to be exploring them now!

What’s on your bucket list? Do you want to find out what to do right now to empower your future self later?

I’ll tell you; the first hour’s advice is free!


Pippa Vaughan-Avery

Independent Financial Advisor

Abacus Assurance Financial Services Ltd

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